When to Use a Walk in Clinic

When to Use a Walk in ClinicA walk in clinic is for any ailment that would not be considered an emergency, but which requires relatively quick attention from a medical professional. However, some people are not clear on the distinction between what requires immediate care in an Emergency Room and what necessitates going to a walk in clinic (rather than, say, making an appointment with the family doctor.

When to Visit the Emergency Room

Always go to the Emergency Room if the symptoms may be life threatening. The top symptoms would be pain or tightening in the chest. This could indicate a heart attack or other serious cardiac problem. Shortness of breath should always be treated as an emergency too, and may be caused by asthma, lung disease or other respiratory conditions.

Severe abdominal pain should be given immediate attention, particularly if accompanied by vomiting. The exception is if this is caused by a highly contagious viral infection such as norovirus ? these can be dangerous to other patients if introduced into a hospital. Dizziness, fainting or crippling headaches may also be considered emergencies if it is suspected that there may be an underlying cause such as a stroke.

In the case of broken bones, a family doctor may be able to confirm fractures with an x ray. But any broken knees, hips and forearm breakages must be seen to in the ER as they will require setting. You can attend ER for other suspected fractures too, especially outside your family clinic’s regular hours.

When to use a Walk in Clinic

A walk in clinic will deal with any of the ailments that your family doctor would normally attend to. The main benefit of choosing a walk in clinic over your regular doctor is that the opening hours are more flexible and you do not need to make an appointment. However, you should keep in mind that they are not familiar with your personal medical history.

Reasons for attending a clinic may include cold related ailments, flu, minor cuts and sprains or food poisoning. They are of particular benefit to parents of young infants, who may need the reassurance of a doctor when their child is suffering from a fever or suspected ear ache.

If possible, take a list of medications you are taking or allergy information with you to the clinic, and always consult your family doctor for more personal advice on medical matters.

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