Ways to Prevent a Pterygium

Ways to Prevent a Pterygium

A pterygium is quite a rare condition that not a huge number of people have generally heard of. A pterygium is a raised bit of tissue that develops and grows over the cornea. It looks like a yellowish bump on the white part of the eye. Although the condition is not very serious, it can cause redness of the eyes and irritation. Sometimes vision can be impaired although this is only in the more serious of cases.

Urgent Care NYC-Cause and Treatment

Artificial tear drops

Treating the condition begins usually with a course of eye drops. Artificial tear drops can also be used which will may help rid the eye of the problem. If the pterygium begins to move and start to enter the cornea then action will need to be taken in the form of a quick and simple surgical procedure. Surgery is perfectly suited to treat this procedure. Taking just a few minutes, the eye can be free from the irritation and problems caused by this condition. There is a very short recovery period, usually a patient will be back at work the following day and the chances of problems arising or infections developing are rare.

How to prevent a pterygium

It is much more common in hot or tropical climates where eyes are subjected to greater exposure to the sun, although it can also develop from exposure to UV light from tanning beds. Therefore the best way to prevent a pterygium occurring at all is to always make sure you wear sunglasses when out. Sunglasses are in fact a legitimate medical aid. UV light is extremely damaging to both the eyes and the skin, so covering both up is very important.

Good eye care

Good eye care is important throughout your life. Although a pterygium may not be as serious as other eye problems, it does indicate your eyes have been damaged. This may mean that eye problems in the future are more likely. To prevent this happening to you, invest in a good quality pair of sunglasses from the optician if necessary, and eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables for good overall eye health.

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