Urgent Care for STD Tests: Reliable Diagnosis, Effective Treatments, Strictly Confidential

Urgent Care for STD Tests: Reliable Diagnosis, Effective Treatments, Strictly Confidential

Stop Worrying and Get Tested: 100% Confidential from the Doctors you can Trust

Early detection is vital in effective treating or even curing most STDs. Urgent Medical Care offers affordable solutions to diagnose and treat any concern that you may have. Our doctors and staff provide extensive support while completely valuing your privacy.

Refer to the FAQ to see if STD Testing at Urgent Medical Care is right for you.

Should I get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STD)?

Doctors recommend STD Testing for the following scenarios:

??Individuals who are sexually active

? ?Practicing of unprotected sex

? Persons with more than one sex partner in the last six months

? ?When you are about to start a relationship with a new person

I do not want anyone to know that I am testing for STDs . How can Urgent Medical Care help?

Urgent Medical Care specializes in an array of urgent care services for our patients therefore no one in the clinic will know the reason for your visit except our dependable staff. We can securely deliver test results via a method of your preference.

We firmly respect your right of privacy and decision to stay informed and protected from any medical condition.?

How does the testing/treatment process work?

The most common sexually transmitted diseases include?Chlamydia,?HIV, Syphilis,?Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Crabs,?Gonorrhea, and Hepatitis.?Although there is no single test to diagnose all conditions, a specialized Urgent Medical Care doctor will consult with you in providing the most effective methods of detection based on your history and symptoms.

Can I Request to be Seen by a Female or Male Doctor?

Of course, we will respect all requests to see specific doctors to ensure the comfort of our patients. While walk-in visits are completely acceptable, please be sure to call or message us so that we can prepare arrangements beforehand.

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