A Walk In Clinic And An Emergency Room

A Walk In Clinic And An Emergency RoomMany cases in our life, there are medical emergencies that are not critical enough to go to the emergency room but simultaneously do need immediate attention and care. It may take place that at such times medical professionals may not be out there for care and the problem may not be serious enough for a hospital visit. It is in such situations that NYC Immediate Care Center are very beneficial.

ER or Immediate Care Centers

An emergency room handles major emergencies, such as car accident victims, life-threatening emergencies like heart attack or any situation where a person is hurt and their life may be at risk. The emergency room serves any and every one that needs emergency medical attention. On the other hand, NYC immediate care center handle minor care issues, such as medical issues that can be handled in a doctor’s office. This would include medical conditions such as a cold, the flu, a rash or any condition that would not be considered life threatening. Immediate care center can be looked at as a walk in doctor’s office.

The Purpose Of An Immediate Care Centers

Immediate care centers serve a great purpose in the communities. They are a great alternative to visiting a doctor’s office, if you are unable to get an appointment or don’t have time to wait days or weeks to be seen by appointment. Immediate care centers are just what they say they are, a clinic that is much like a doctor’s office that allows you to walk in and see a physician without an appointment. In NYC immediate care center, the services are just like hospitals but at much more affordable costs. And the best part is that you do not have to wait long line to see a doctor. You can get quick attention for your condition.

NYC Immediate Care Center

Immediate care centers are very beneficial if you need to see a doctor on short notice. However, if you have an emergency, life-threatening situation, always visit an emergency room instead. Union Square urgent care is open for 7 days and no appointment is necessary. The services offered by NYC Immediate Care Center are affordable as compared to a visit at the hospital emergency room. From advance diagnostic testing, to a specialist follow up, a reliable medical care center offers unparalleled services. The informed medical providers offer quality medicine to the patients. For more information, call NYC Immediate Care at 212-242-4333