How to Minimize Germs in the Workplace

How to Minimize Germs in the WorkplaceMany workplaces these days are very conscious of maintaining a clean environment for their staff that adheres to health and safety regulations. All too often workplaces do not meet these regulation standards resulting in employee illness. The domino effect occurs whereby one staff member falls ill and the rest follow suit. Germs are spread very easily so it is imperative to keep them at bay when and where possible. To prevent this from happening here are a few tips from urgent care NYC to help keep your employees health in check.

Wash hands

It may sound like common knowledge but washing your hands after visiting the bathroom can help reduce the spread of germs massively. Research has revealed that 20% of men and women never wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. You should reinforce signs around the office and in bathrooms to ask colleagues to wash their hands. Remember they touch the office door, the coffee machine, the water tap and office memos.

Weekly Clean

Introduce an office rota. Depending on how many people work in your office, decide on a regular cleaning routine; once a week is usually enough for a small office. Delegate the work fairly between colleagues and cover areas including hoovering, dusting, taking out bins and cleaning the office kitchen. Prevention is the best cure as business suffers when colleagues are ill and have to take days off work.

Sanitizer Solutions

Many offices offer sanitizing products to their colleagues for them to use at their own discretion. Installing a few hand sanitizer pumps around the office or giving each member of staff a small bottle of sanitizer could reduce germs rapidly. As hand sanitizer does not need to be used with water it is an easy solution that staff can use at their desk when they choose, such as after eating.

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