Control Your Blood Sugar By Watching Your Carbohydrate Foods

Control Your Blood Sugar By Watching Your Carbohydrate FoodsIt comes as a shock to most people when their doctor gives them the dire news that they have diabetes. However, after a few months have passed, most learn to adjust to the diagnosis and begin to proactively work on treating their diabetes. Most people seem to have a really hard time trying to get a handle on is what types of foods to avoid. But, according to Urgent care NYC, it’s really not as hard as it may seem.

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Assuming that you are a typical American, you diet is probably poor. If it is, one of the first things that you need to do is to lower the amounts of carbohydrates that you eat each day. And this is especially true of simple carbohydrates.

Once you have been diagnosed as having diabetes, your life changes. As you eat your meals, one of your primary goals is to control your blood sugar. And, carbohydrates, more than any other type of food, can have a dramatic impact on your blood sugar levels. The more of this type of food that you have in your diet, the more difficult you will find it to control your glucose levels. Non carbohydrate foods affect your blood sugar rate slowly. In contrast, simple carbohydrates have a much faster effect on your sugar levels. Although, you don’t have to completely avoid carbohydrates, you should try your best to limit the portions that you eat.

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So, what are these ‘bad’ foods? The biggest culprits are those like pastas (of all sorts), breads, rice, and cereals. Also, many vegetables fall into this group ? especially the starchy ones such as waxed beans, peas, potatoes, and corn. Most people have no idea of the relative healthiness of the foods that they eat. One excellent means of monitoring the quantity of carbohydrates, and other foods in your diet, is to keep a food diary for about a month. Most people think that they eat healthier than they really do. But a food diary will give you an accurate idea of your typical diet and allow you to more easily change it to one that is healthier for you. Just don’t forget to include snacks in your diary.

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You want to keep away from other foods as well. Foods such as those that are high in both sodium and fat are bad for diabetics. You may wonder if your problem is high blood sugar why you need to avoid these foods. The answer is to prevent compounding the diabetes problem by developing high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol as well. In the event that you are unfortunate and end up developing the three of these conditions at the same time, you end up with what medical doctors refer to as metabolic syndrome. And people with metabolic syndrome have dramatically increased chances of developing heart disease. Unfortunately, however, 20% of those with diabetes go on to develop both high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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