UMD Urgent Medical care FAQ

  • Yes. The beauty of an Emergency Walk In Center is that you can walk right in. An appointment or referral is never necessary. If you prefer to schedule your same day doctors appointment you can click “ONLINE CHECK-IN” above.

  • Urgent Medical Care is the place to go to for immediate medical treatment of non-threatening health conditions. Your health is our priority and our clinics have multiple examination and procedure rooms for your convenience. UMD has modern facilities for X-Rays, EKG, Spirometry and an on-site laboratory for necessary testing (Blood Tests, etc.). Our experienced, board-certified physicians and health care professionals will provide high quality medical care to each and every patient. We are open 7 days a week and no appointment is necessary. We are not a hospital emergency medical room, but can be seen as the median between your primary care physician and the emergency room. If you have a major medical emergency such as a heart attack, stroke, or severe respiratory problem, we recommend that you go to a hospital emergency room immediately.

  • UMD Urgent Medical Care is not a substitute for having a primary care doctor, but it’s a great place to go when you can’t get a same day doctors appointment. As an emergency walk in center we are open 365 days/year including weekends, evenings and holidays. Our Board Certified Emergency Medicine doctors are skilled at treating all the illnesses, injuries and other everyday medical problems you would normally see your primary care doctor for. But because we are ER doctors, we also X ray and set fractures, offer stitches, use IV fluids and start medications in our office, making us a great ER Alternative for minor emergencies that are beyond the scope of what primary care doctors can treat. Click here for a full list of our services.

  • The ER is best suited to care for life threatening emergencies. But 40% of ailments treated in the ER are not true emergencies and can be cared for more comfortably, efficiently and affordably in an emergency walk in center like UMD Urgent Medical Care. You can rest assured that we are staffed by the same ER doctors you would see in NYC’s best ERs. We have X ray and labs on site so you will have results in minutes. At our beautiful walk in UMD Urgent Medical Care, the emphasis is on top notch medical care and customer service, making us the premier ER alternative in NYC.

  • Life threatening emergencies require an ER. If you are in active labor, think you may be having a heart attack or stroke, or think you may need surgery or hospital admission, call 911 or head to the nearest ER. Otherwise, know that our beautiful UMD Urgent Medical Care in NYC is an ER alternative offering the highest quality medical care.

  • UMD Urgent Medical Care is an immaculate, convenient, affordable place to obtain same day walk in immediate medical care in New york City. We charge urgent care rates and co-pays, not Emergency Room rates and co-pays, so we are about a quarter of the cost of an ER visit and can usually have you in and out in an hour. New York City ER’s are crowded, chaotic, stressful and dirty. At our NYC urgent care the focus is on your comfort and well being.

  • Life threatening conditions such as significant chest pain, shortness
 of breath, rectal bleeding, or passing out (syncope) are best treated 
in an Emergency Room at your local hospital. Although our offices are staffed by board certified emergency
 medicine physicians, life threatening emergencies require 
hospitalization and advanced care available only at a hospital.

  • Yes! Not only do we care for children, many of us are parents and we understand and will care for your children as we do our own.

  • Please refer to our “INSURANCE” page

  • We can still care for you. Our cash rates start at $125/visit. Additional services have addtional charges. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.